Reflecting on Recreating the Past

A group of overlapping squares embroidered in dark blue thread on a light blue cloth
An embroidered recreation of Vera Molnar’s Trapèzes inscrits ⅕ (1971), made by participant Kate Yourke.
A computer generated grid of rust colored bars, with a tangle of light gray over the middle
Participant Anna Rulloda’s recreation of Hassan Sharif’s sculpture, “Iron №3” (2020).
A sculpture, hanging on a white wall, made of a woven grid of rusted metal bars with many wires emerging from the center.
Hassan Sharif’s Original.


A glitched image of corn stalks made of small squares of different brilliant colors
Yadira’s glitched Milpa.


A pencil drawing on paper with a grid of lines and location coordinates
Lillian’s drawing — Planning on paper.
A grid of squares, triangles, and trapezoids filled with muted grays, light tans and pinks, and deep oranges, blues, and reds
Lillian’s recreation of Displacement (2018) by Odili Donald Odita.



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