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  • Processing Foundation

    Processing Foundation

    The Processing Foundation promotes software literacy within the visual arts, and visual literacy within technology-related fields.

  • Patrick Steppan

    Patrick Steppan

  • Guillermo Montecinos

    Guillermo Montecinos

    Musician, electrical engineer, programmer and educator based on Santiago de Chile.

  • Eyebeam


    Eyebeam reveals new paths toward a more just future for all

  • Roderick Schrock

    Roderick Schrock

    director @eyebeamnyc. instructor SVA curatorial practice. http://rddy.co

  • Electric Objects

    Electric Objects

    From fine art to fine emojis

  • Matt Daniels

    Matt Daniels

    Makin @puddingviz + @polygraphing. grad of @stackoverflow code school. Email: matt@pudding.cool

  • Nathan Rosenberg

    Nathan Rosenberg

    composer/tinkerer/occasional tweeter

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