Fall 2017: Week 3

Day 1: John Whitney and Abstract Computer Animation

Fresh off the weekend, students started the day by showing off their Vera Molnár recreations from the previous week’s homework. Niklas and Matt J. even shared a very handy, super flexible grid template inspired by Molnár, which you can download from github here.

Left: 144 Trapzes Recreation by Niklas (code) Right: flexible grid template
Whitney observes his drawing device
Zach discusses sine waves

Day 2: Art, Design, and Activism

Week 2 of Morehshin Allahyari’s class was all about art activism. The class began by discussing the week’s reading, and debated the difference between art and design.

Students look at Disobedient Objects by Catherine Flood and Gavin Grindon
Students continue the discussion of art and activism in the courtyard

Day 3: Introduction to Logic Gates

Despite the sweltering heat, students fired up their soldering irons and got ready for week two of their hardware class with Taeyoon Choi.

Taeyoon and Max demonstrate an AND gate
Students soldering their AND gates

Day 4: Ramsey Nasser and the Meaning of ‘Poetic Computation’

The final day of week 3 marked the first lecture in the Code Poetry track this fall semester with Ramsey Nasser. Nasser invited students to reflect on the meaning of ‘poetic computation’ and led a discussion on the history and precedents to modern day computer and algorithmic art.

Nasser sharing one of his favorite poems: “My ink is black so do not ask me to draw a rainbow”



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