Fall 2017: Week 2

Day 1: Vera Molnár and The Algorists

Left: Pretty Please Right: Colin explains the appliance class

“This may sound paradoxical, but the machine, which is thought to be cold and inhuman, can help to realize what is most subjective, unattainable, and profound in a human being.” — Vera Molnar

Left: Carrés concentriques, 1958, Drawing on paper Right: Carrés, 1973, Computer printed pattern

Day 2: Political objects, Silicon Valley, and Women in Computing

“Who is we? Who gets to decide to create technologies?” — Morehshin Allahyari

Amit presents on Adrienne LaFrance’s essay, Technology, the Faux Equalizer
Niklas, Diego, and Matt J. continue the chat about singularities in the courtyard

Day 3: Buttons and blinking lights

“There is a sense of beauty in how computers are designed.” — Taeyoon Choi

Left: Taeyoon demonstrate a paper circuit Right: Students jump into soldering

Day 4: Field trip to the MoMA Library

Students dive into the E.A.T at the MoMA library

Day 4 cont’: Meet the Students!

The room begins filling up
Kaitlin presents her work at the Meet the Students night
Colin explains the process behind his pieces
Matt O. talks about music
April shares her weird side projects (with some technical difficulties!)



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