COCOON Recap: Reading, Writing & Compiling

Screenshot from Storytelling with Paper Circuits showing a parallel circuit template with three illuminated lights on copper tape to the left and participants working on re-creating their own parallel circuits to the right.
Screenshot from Paper System where Chang identified elements of a system from an artist book.
Screenshot from Chicken Scratch Session showing a participant named Maria’s asemic writing response (right) to Rucker’s on the slide (left).
Asemic paper collage by Kenlynn Albright featuring a tweet by Gabrielle Rucker that reads, “painfully aware of the emptiness of english and that the language i might be fluent in is not necessarily dead, nor is it currently in existence, but rather lives off in some uncharted reality/historical periphery: an unborn language.”
Screenshot from PLEASE DO NOT PERCEIVE me showing Kameelah Janan Rasheed’s slides to the left and a subset of participants listening on the right.
“Dirty Data” zine by Kenlynn Albright featuring chat responses to prompts from PLEASE DO NOT PERCEIVE ME.
A screenshot from Reading, Writing & Compiling Zines showing a slide featuring a semantic map linking the words “zine” and “artist book”; another screenshot showing Neta preview a zine she made for the class.

Join the participants of Reading, Writing & Compiling Friday, September 10 at 7pm EST as they share their collectively compiled publication featuring an array of creative writing, book forms, and performative readings to encompass what they’ve learned over the course of their study.

The showcase will take place on Twitch and be archived on YouTube and feature contributions from the following participants:

Andrew Tan Tuck Ming

Ayana Zaire Cotton

Derek Lopez Vergara

Dia Flood

Elizabeth Ellis

Heena Sharma

Kenlynn Albright

Maria Thomas

Monica Mohapatra

Stephanie Wu



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